Welcome Back

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We welcome back all our learners and parents, and hope you had wonderful holidays and a good rest. Additionally, we extend a warm welcome to all our new local and international families, as well as new staff members. We wish you all a prosperous year ahead.

We had a busy, yet great start to the year. Opening day was a very special day for some of our parents, as their children proudly walked to Grade 1. Please have a look on our Facebook page for photos and updates!

Our first braai of the year happened on Saturday, 27th January! We were very fortunate with the weather and had a lovely cool afternoon, despite the rainy morning. Parents, teachers and children celebrated 25 years of the school by singing Happy Birthday and enjoying some cake. We would like to thank all our teachers for the wonderful planning and organising of the event. Videos and pictures of our braai are available on Facebook.

The school celebrated an early Valentine’s Day on Friday, 9th February. It was a joyful occasion with a cake sale and nominations for Mr and Miss Valentine.

We remind our parents to please make sure that your accounts are up to date to avoid late payment fees.

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