About Us

Brief History

Pro-Ed was initially founded in 1993 to assist children that needed additional assistance when learning however Over time the school has evolved and for the past 10 years has run as a main stream school. The additional care and detail to each child has remained within the school ethos and has allowed Pro-Ed to ensure that its learners get the best. Small classes with additional inclusive remedial work allows each child to reach their potential.

Recently the school also included a grade R class. Pro-Ed has for 28 year produced top quality education, featuring top in results from Eisteddfod, Conquesta Olympiads and numerous other competitions. We are proud of developing the sharp minds of the future while focusing on a rounded holistic approach to education. With us, each child is an individual and is treated as such.

Mission and Values

    We aim to provide excellence in education through:

  • The creation of a safe and happy learning environment.
  • The fostering of the values of caring, sharing and mutual respect.
  • The promotion of sound moral values.
  • The hard work and dedication of highly qualified teachers.
  • The inculcation of a strong culture of learning.
  • Keeping classes small (learner to teacher ratio of 15:1).
  • Making out learners our top priority.

    Our Values:

  • To be a home away from home for the children in our care.
  • Personal growth and development through a holistic approach is the creed of Pro-Ed Preparatory School.
  • Through the development of a warm and affirming atmosphere of learning we aim to develop in our children those qualities which will allow them to keep pace with the rapidly changing conditions of this world.

The Pro-Ed Anthem

The Pro-Ed Anthem we teach and live by

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